Men’s Day at AOD

We always talk about how women should be treasured and well treated. In Vietnam, we even have more than one day dedicated to the women. Things have changed and now it’s time for the women to think of the other half of the world (at least in this small world of our company)

And for that, we celebrated a day for AOD Mennnnnnnnn!

The theme for this year is a contest to honor Mr. Bikini who is beautiful and funny. At lunch time AOD ladies prepared nice surprises to our male colleagues. Our space was full of special image balloons. 😊

In the morning, AOD men were surprised with a decorated breakfast in their working desks and many beautiful songs from company audio. Together we enjoyed the food, the music and the spirit of a special day!

At lunch, we threw a party together and could not wait for Mr. Bikini contest, which requires graceful performances. Certainly, we had our own judges, curious prices and tons of gifts for our men today.Day for AOD men, give us nonstop laughters…

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