Add-On Development (AOD) Co. Ltd was formed on February 29, 2008 as a joint venture between VietSoftware International and Add-On Products (AOP). From the beginning, AOD was designed to be the only development branch, staffing certified and experienced software development specialists. After the 24h Support Center was transferred to AOD,
we became the main engine of the whole organization.



    In AOD, it is believed that how we treat others reflects how you want to be treated, which is why we emphasize the importance of respect. This core value can be built up from tiny details...

  • teamwork

    It has been proven that the best solutions come from the harmonious co-operation of the whole team. In AOD, effective teamwork demands strong commitment to common goals and...

  • innovation

    All AOD members always bear a mindset towards innovation by striving to redefine the standard of excellence in all products and services we provide. Working and learning with that mindset...

our services

Headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, Add-On Development (AOD) currently staffs a group of around 50 certified and experienced developers. Today, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we perform software development for clients worldwide.

  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - outsourcing

    AOD offers excellent software outsourcing service where your products will be handled by more than 10-year experience experts. We value our people as the key to success and we spend on-going care and attention to the team to build up wonderfully competent, well-organized, and loyal team members. And as a Microsoft Certified Partner with 100% of Microsoft Certified Program Developers, we guarantee an optimal development procedure to make sure that the finished...

  • support 24

    The Support Team (ST) at the Add-On Development (AOD) works like other customer services to mainly answer questions in a satisfying manner. The support function so far has been one of the key factors in AOD success. Always be honest, tell the truth, even if it is not good news, in a nice and polite way with the outmost wish to help the customers in getting software up and running is our principle when dealing with customers and supporting them...

our portfolio

  • Resource

    Resource Central is developed by Add-On Products and used for resource management, synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook® and an Exchange Server. Resource Central helps organizations to define, manage and maintain their resources in small organizations with one location and in Enterprise organizations with many geographical locations...

  • ariadne

    The Ariadne is a server-client system for controlling display of electronic signs. There is a server part with a web-based user interface for managing the content. The signs are clients of the system. The signs poll the server for instructions about what to display and display the content on its monitor. The signs have different capabilities; some support only...

  • Exchange

    Exchange Central is a tool which has been developed since 1997. Exchange Central is designed to gather and display calendar information from Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Our scope for Exchange Central has always been to add “Group functionality” into the usage of Microsoft Outlook®. The general need for viewing more than one...

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  • 11th Floor, HEID Building,
    Lane 12 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh District,
    Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Tel: (+84) 24 3514 0868

    Fax: (+84) 24 3514 0868 / 13

  • info@aod.vn

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